Concave Chestnut Natural Dye 2023 A soft cushion with four sides curving inwards


  •  •  Forage chestnuts from Wanstead Park in London, which reconnect us with the natural chestnut season in 2023
     •  The four sides curved pattern reminds us the cushion’s natural form when it’s sitting on the surfaces

     •  Truly one of kind! The 2mm chestnut natural dyed cotton cord is hand-stitched to create bold and unique texture

     •  Chestnut natural dye fabric avoids the use of harmful chemicals during the dyeing and finishing process. It’s biodegradable, non-toxic and non-allergenic

    Cushion Cover:  45cm x 45cm
    Inner Cushion Pad:  50cm x 50cm
    Cushion cover
     • 100% chestnut natural dyed cotton
     • 2mm 100% chestnut natural dyed cotton cord
    Inner Cushion Pad
     • Cover: 100% cotton
     • Filling: 100% duck feather


    Handmade in London

  • Cushion cover
     • The pattern side faces front when in use
     • Hand gentle wash only

    Inner Cushion Pad
     • Plump regularly to maintain appearance and ensure even distribution of filling
     • Sponge clean only 

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